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  1. [Bug] Private Messaging
  2. Skill Ups
  3. [BUG] Arena
  4. Negative Gems
  5. event diamonds
  6. Missing diamonds.
  7. Stage Difficulty
  8. Untranslated Titles
  9. Error at log in
  10. Sorting Assistant Monsters
  11. Shadow of God canceled!
  12. shadow of god bug
  13. Account can't be accessed
  14. New version
  15. Dreaming Alice Confusion
  16. Update Loop Issue
  17. Max Cost Up Item!
  18. cant get in my account
  19. Server Not Responding
  20. Problem with chat and buying
  21. The first profecy puzzle...just don't understand how to continue
  22. Restore cards.
  23. Card images missing in monster collection
  24. Spam chat
  25. BUG: I can't send private messages
  26. Broken HP Bar
  27. 4th and 5th Grade Merc. Capt Title Gives Same Bonus
  28. Battery usage and mobile heat
  29. BUG: A couple of bugs for DUEL event "Auto-Play"
  30. BUG 9th team
  31. shadow of god
  32. duel opponent
  33. Login Free Gifts bug
  34. Active Skill: Eclipse-Succubus Princess Nina activation erratic
  35. Vampiric Hit in Duel Mode
  36. Combine gives you one of the two input cards
  37. possible hacks/exploit diamond draw?
  38. Fuse coin bug?
  39. Skill up Monday Success rate reversed
  40. Can't send message to friend and guildmate
  41. Duel Glitch
  42. Exploit: Double title effect?
  43. Login Now free diamonds notification
  44. Bug Detected Screenshot
  45. Arcturus condition
  46. In game chat broken
  47. agamemnon81
  48. Lord of beasts bug
  49. Friend dungeon bug
  50. Card Stats Bug
  51. combining wrong info
  52. Reward for high roller broken
  53. PSA/Bug report: Don't combine without the proper scroll
  54. New chapter don't open
  55. Did Not Receive Purchased Pack
  56. arena glitch
  57. Perpetual fever and event dungeons
  58. our favored stores
  59. Motiejunas traded to NBA Live Mobile Coins
  60. 'Out in the Playground Baseball' simulato
  61. Weve got a goaltender who finished
  62. I make a purchase and didn't get the diamonds!!!
  63. Swarovski Funkelnde Art