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  1. Is there any way to know the enemy will be defeated by the attack?
  2. getting dungeon keys below 15
  3. Category of Tale Seeker
  4. Highest damage
  5. How to get a title!
  6. Natural 6 Star or Special Evolved 6 Star
  7. sending gifts to friends
  8. Card Element
  9. Highest title for 6 star attack
  10. What is the Trump Monster Cards ?
  11. Favorite Card/Character (And Why?)
  12. Legendary title
  14. Seven Prophesies
  15. Premium Draw Titles
  16. What to do with all my cards?
  17. [Everyone please help!] List of Farmable & Unique Cards
  18. Passive Skill Question =)
  19. Normal vs Tough
  20. quick question?
  21. [HELP!] Possible lost EX cards
  22. mail to contact support service
  23. Sort of at a stand still in game.
  24. pvp or arena
  25. Passive Skill
  26. About main characters
  27. Title Question
  28. A question about Active skill.
  29. About Guild Raid
  30. The POOR title
  31. Skills lvl up and activing awakening
  32. Well That Was Easy
  33. Ex card
  34. Feed Monster
  35. Yellow and pink +1 cards
  36. Best Special Evolve Monsters
  37. Wiki
  38. Anyone knows the number of quest stories?
  39. Puzzle Rewards
  40. A question about Awakening Symbols
  41. Combining Question
  42. Snowy Demon White
  43. the breaker and who loves fighting title
  44. Books
  45. fear of darkness, bandersnatch
  46. 6-Star Premium Cards List
  47. VIP draw question
  48. Special fever cards
  49. VIP titles
  50. Halp! In dire need to know!
  51. APK for Taleseeker
  52. Can I recover the Main Characters?
  53. korea taleseeker - The official web site
  54. Alice question..
  55. Weekly Event Strategies
  56. Special Combine
  57. Next event shall be the trump master :o
  59. What tools do people use for screenshots?
  60. Help with "poor" title please!
  61. How to level up avenger tales monsters
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  98. Don't be fooled with attractive offers
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