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02-15-2016, 07:25 PM
Requirements for creating a Guild:

200 Max Cost
5,000 Coins

Guild Master:

Any Guild member can declare and become the New Guild Master if you are inactive for 7 days or more, so be careful!
Message all Guild members for any internal announcements to make
Need to pass down your throne? Transfer your Guild Master decree to a fellow Guild member

Guild Points & Coins:

By logging in once a day, playing Pick a Winner, entering Dungeons, Arena, Winning Streaks Arena, and Raids, you will receive both Guild Points and Coins at equal amounts
For content which consumes Shoes, you will receive an equivalent amount of Guild Points and Coins as the amount of Shoes you consumed


Obtaining 2,000 Guild Coins will provide a reward of Coins to all Guild members the following day
Every Saturday (PST), the Guild Points will reset, and on Sunday, the Guilds with the highest amount of Points last week will be rewarded Diamonds:

1st – 10 Diamonds
2nd – 9 Diamonds
3rd – 8 Diamonds
4th ~ 5th – 7 Diamonds
6th ~ 10th – 6 Diamonds
11th & below – 5 Diamonds

Guild Chat:

​Secretly chat with your Guild Members with the Guild Chat system!
Accessed by opening the Chat Window https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/5w08m-ETjXkhm2wdDSNyxPNjhFN97JPlXXwUXQlJ72NT-zfxwLX14dzQ2JgNCPPaJahkmV-jDjXfiaAwb0ZKdw0zsOIxle3LuFg0OHUukFsxyHpC_pjm0yN9g N1dPKAzW1AxuywW in the main screen and selecting Guild

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/c1_E3n3b0yQo2ocwNpn9LNOk9c1uEEtdOKfl5lQT8fj8FpMya7 DKgwR4x91PW6dztHQ_oWJwsbtpCOQxzAfyPWGNraGwfgMqrr_A 9S_e_VcaOHhm0lfkRC8ENcqR1zruuZcohbgG