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09-25-2018, 11:40 PM
Also known as rotary mobile crusher, is a circular vibration, number of layers, high-efficiency mobile crusher. Mobile crusher with eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block adjusting amplitude, screening more than specifications, has the characteristic of strong exciting force, high screening efficiency, the vibration noise is small, convenient repair.

The mobile crusher (http://www.marblegrinder.com/solutions/mobile-cone-crushing-plant-for-sale.html) is widely used in mining, building materials, products classification transportation, energy, chemical and other industries. The appearance is different because of the kinds of mobile crusher, but its main function is the screening material.

The mobile crusher manufacturers from Yantai learned, mobile crusher screen surface should be initiated in the absence of material, try to avoid the boot with materials.Screen machine running smooth to feed. Stop before feeding stop, the screen surface material removal after shutdown. Should always observe the sieve machine operation in the process of work, such as the discovery of the movement is not normal or abnormal noise, time down to check, find out the reasons, troubleshooting.

Mobile crusher with simple structure, easy manufacture and maintenance of the petal shaped coupling and flexible disc coupling, overcomes the defect of easy damage of the universal coupling. The vibrator adopts eccentric structure, simple structure; supporting the choice feeding box, increase effective screening area of the mobile crusher to the application of the material box, and extend the feed end of the service life of the screen mesh; the transmission part increased intermediate bearing, intermediate application of bearing seat to protect the motor, prolongs the service life of the motor.