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04-13-2016, 09:31 PM
Cyan’s Disclaimer: Hey guys! There’s a lot of useful information just floating around on the Korean forums for this game so I tried to ask a pal to translate some for me so we can have them here too. I don’t claim ownership of these in any way so if the people who do ask me to put it down, I promise I will! Also, the stats in some parts of the guide might be different for the English game so please take these with a grain of salt. OwO;


1. Team Creation
: In Tale Seeker, you can collect various Monsters and add them to your Team any way you like.

[Cost Limit and Effect]
1) The total Cost of monsters added to your Team can’t exceed your Max Cost.

(There is an exception: the team can exceed your Max Cost if a monster already on the team is evolved while in the used team! Switching them out cancels this though so pay attention.)
2) The difference between monsters’ Cost and your Max Cost gives you a bonus effect.

2. Multiple Team Creation

1) The number of Teams you can create increases each time you clear one story in [Story Mode].
2) You can create up to 9 Teams.

3. Auto Team Creation
: You can also use Recommend Team to have the system automatically choose the Monsters for you based on the different Team types/categories available


1. Team Creation

1) Enter ‘Set Team’ in the main Menu

- Tap on the ’Set Team’ button in the bottom menu.
- You can add a total of 7 Monsters to your team.
(Monsters can be assigned to the corresponding slots depending on their types.)


2) How to Change Monsters

- Tap on a monster you want to change.
- Select a monster of the same type from your collection and tap the [CONFIRM] button.
- If your Max Cost can accommodate the new addition, the team member change should be successful.


[Cost Limit and Effect when Creating a Team]

1) Each Monster in Tale Seeker has a Cost.
2) The total Cost of Monsters added in your Team can’t exceed your Max Cost.
3) Monsters in your Team get a bonus effect based on the difference between your team’s Cost and your Max Cost.


2. Multiple Team Creation

1) If you’re new in Tale Seeker, you can save only 1 Team.
2) The number of Teams you can create increases each time you clear a story in [Story Mode].
3) You can have up to 9 Teams.
4) If you want to use a team for a battle, tap the [USE THIS TEAM] button at the bottom of the Set Team screen.


3. Auto Team Creation
: Select a Team Type from the sort list then the system will recommend the Monsters for you.

(※This function is activated once the first story [Dreaming Alice] is completed.)
1) Tap the [RECOMMENDED TEAM] button. (A [SELECT LEADER] button is shown in the UI of a Team you’re currently using.)
2) Select a Team type you prefer then the cards will be assigned to the slots automatically.