View Full Version : Ascending and other.

03-01-2017, 11:11 AM
1. Sad thing in this game is very random process of character progress. According information from game support for ascending target character u need another one same character of lvl 40 rank S (btw in ascending menu there is no mention about same material hero). Atm we have around 60 different R characters, so chance to get specific hero during fusion process is around 1.7% or even less. If there will be more characters, chances will be much lower. Getting 1 specific even non rare character to SS rank can take really long time (year or even much more, depends of ur luck). How to ascend more rare characters or E heroes, which drops only with 4 star hero tickets is just unimagenable. Such concepts can really bury this game. We definitely need more predictable ways of character progress. Probably all will be fine if ascend will work with any lvl 40 rank S material hero with same name. For example for ascending specific Herman we should be able to use any of 3 available Herman (blitz+counter, counter+trick or trick+blitz) as material hero. Such change can do ascending really balanced between hardcore and good game experience for most players.

2. Some character skills like Last resistance or Spirit of invincible are pretty useless. Haste effect don't stacks with Wide haste and in most cases caracter with 20% or 30% of max health dies too fast to doing any harm for enemies. Better change m_atk/p_atk bonus for m_def/p_def or just add m_def/p_def bonus to give chance for this skills to work.

3. Team lvl in this game is pretty useless, lvling up gives only some crystals from quest. How about adding some perks (talent points etc.) for team leveling, that will work in combat, or maybe other interesting bonuses?