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04-24-2017, 02:48 PM

Hello, all!
We had a special update last night!

https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/18057944_674873282700953_6107777014169278344_n.png ?oh=99004568a0ec2ba960a8e58588ab2e80&oe=59784793 Black Hole

Special Block "Black Hole"
- A "Black Hole" is a special type of block like Wormhole and Wandering Shop.
- Black Hole will start to appear fromAdellan Stage 6 and through Specter's Haven.

Types of Black Hole
- Food, Gold, Energy, Gem, and Monster blocks will randomly appear.
- Higher grades of Black Hole will appearthe further you are in Explore.

Entering Black Hole
- By tapping a Black Hole block, you will be asked to choose whether youíd want to enter.
- Required energy to enter Black Hole is different by Exploration Islands.
- Only 1 or 2 types of blocks will appear.
- All blocks from Black Hole require 0 energy.
- Black Hole will disappear once you decide to retreat.

Black Hole Fever Mode
- Black Hole has a combo gauge.
- In order to start Fever Mode, you need to fill up the Black Hole Combo Gauge.
- You need Block Combos to fill the Black Hole Combo Gauge.
- If a Fever Mode began within three block waves, higher grade blocks will appear and you will be able to escape from the Black Hole.

Monster Black Hole Fever Mode
- There will be only one Monster block when you enter the Monster Black Hole Fever Mode.
- A Guardian from current Exploration Islands will appear.
- A Guardian is stronger than the Super Guardian from the same Island.
https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/18056981_674881872700094_341011517163470341_n.png? oh=e27a4bab1925ce98bf8244c0ff7d46bc&oe=598AF503The Lord of Destruction, Jenaux

- The Lord of Destruction, Jenaux will start to appear from Land of Chaos.
- The Lord of Destruction, Jenaux can only be acquired through persuasion from the Prison.
- The Lord of Destruction, Jenaux will be acquired as a Villain King grade Villain.
- Persuading the Lord of Destruction, Jenaux requires a Villain King type of materials and time.

Other Updates:

- Dormant users (users who havenít logged in for more than 7 days) will not appear in the Colosseum.