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05-05-2017, 03:52 PM
Hello and Welcome to Super Villain War: Lost Heroes Tips and Guides!
In this Tips and Guides, we want you to learn about buildings in your city!

1. City
▶A floating city where Villains and Wizards live in harmony. Each building has its own unique abilities.
▶Some buildings are upgradeable to upgrade their abilities. Also, the exterior of a building will change by upgrading it.

2. HQ
▶Developing your HQ will increase all Villains’ stats and city’s resource production.
▶You can choose your Boss Villain. A Boss Villain can be taken to exploration or retaliation by other guild members.
▶HQ development is required for developing other city buildings.
▶Expand HQ to increase the Villain capacity limit.

3. Iron Bank
▶Iron Bank protects resources from being looted by enemies.
▶Resources exceeding the limit can be taken away from enemies in Guild Battlefield.
▶Iron Bank development is required for developing HQ.

4. Prison
▶You have a chance to capture prisoners when defeating enemies.
▶Prisoners might escape when the escape time is up.
▶Persuade successfully for a chance to obtain the Villain.
▶Use gold to decrease the hostility and increase the chance of persuading the Villain.
▶Higher INT Villain can expand the amount of reducing hostility and more chances of persuading the Villain.
▶You can use Runes for Instant Persuasion.
▶‘Release’ will give you some rewards.
▶‘Appease’ can help you increase the escape time.
▶Villains’ Treasure, a requirement for Appease, can be acquired from the Shop by using Feathers.
▶Increase the escape time by developing the Prison.
▶Use Runes to expand the Prison for increase the prisoner capacity.
▶You still have a chance to fail on persuading a Villain with 0 hostility.

Next, we will be back with more buildings!:cool:

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