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05-10-2017, 01:09 AM
IGN: yogiyana

1. first u need have 4 villains.. maybe u can up burningair fox (get from addellan) or ranco (get from lin forest) to 3 stars. (promote your villain to grade up). i think u can fight until Panteim
2. get django from panteim. he is very usefull (superior maybe). use him until 5 stars or high. get him until get max level (x/100). set him type defense in engrave. best if u get him in V.I.P
3.u can enter to stage 10 three times in lin forest to get cannelian n panteim to get vicks or merc if u lucky ^_^
4. collects rune until 3.000 runes to get more villains in shop. (u can use money to get it)
5. up clinic to get more status in engrave
6. up laboratory to give more status
7. if u want strong in guild battlefild.. try to up iron bank (like cranny in travian) or defense turret.

thats all my tips for beginner..
iam sorry my english not really good

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