View Full Version : ridiculous price in persuasion

05-16-2017, 02:33 AM
at the moment for 2.4k runes you get a guaranteed lvl 4 in summons. persuading one in prison should not cost almost as much. you should be able to persuade a lvl 5 for the equivalent of 3 summons maybe?
1) Please adjust the prices of persuasion to be cheaper to persuade than summon.
there is a lot of marketing on on the capture feature of this game. However now i have a 1k int hero showing 200%+ chance of persuasion doing nothing to persuade a captured lvl 4. this feels to me like i have been tricked.
2.Please adjust the display in game to show actual chances of persuasion. Even if you keep the current ridiculous low rates of persuasion, i should know what i am getting into when i try to persuade a villain.