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05-16-2017, 01:40 PM

[V.F.C. Rules]
- You will need to set your Defense first.
- You can enter V.F.C. 10 times per day, and enter 10 more times by using runes.
- V.F.C. will be unlocked to all users who cleared Panteim Stage 5.

[V.F.C. Match-Up]
- Your opponents will be grouped by three different levels: Easy, Normal, & Hard.
- Each group has 5 opponents.
- Your opponents list will reset once you have engaged in battles with all 5.

[V.F.C. Battle]
- Capturing & Looting is not available.
- You are not allowed to see opponent's 'Spell' and the order of substitute villains.
- No villains will be injured from V.F.C. battles.
- You can use your Defense villains in other areas such as in the exploration.
- You can retaliate.
- If you fail to defend you will only lose about 1/3 of points you would normally lose from failing to attack.

[V.F.C. Spell]
- The spell gives a customizable extra stats to your Villains.There are three types of Spell, Attack, Support, and Defense.
- A spell will only be applied to same type villains.
- You can raise spell level by using spell points. Each time you level up, you will receive a spell point.
- In order to unlock next level spells, you will always need to unlock previous spells.

[V.F.C. Ranking]
- Your ranking will be determined by your V.F.C. points.
- V.F.C. ranking will be seasonal, which will reset in every season.

You will earn 'Battle Coin' for V.F.C. ranking reward, and you will be able to purchase items using Battle Coin from the Pirate Ship.


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