View Full Version : [Update Notes] 6/1/17

06-01-2017, 02:47 PM
Hello, all!

Last night, we made some changes in the game.

▶ Expanding Tower of Another Realm
▷ Now Tower of Another Realm has been expanded to the 100th floor.
▷ We made adjustments on Tower of Another Realm rewards for each floor.
▷ You can now meet new boss villain 'Kaedun' at the 100th floor.
▷ The Tower of Another Realm resets on the 1st day of the month.

▶ You can now summon 'Requiem' team villains.
▷ Summon 5-Star Rene, 5-Star Aquinbaum, and 4-Star Lucy from premium summon, platinum summon, villain selection scroll, and Villain Hall.
▷ Rene (Knight Templars), Aquinbaum (Magic Alliance), Lucy (Shadow Pirates)

▶ Points and Medals from V.F.C. and Guild battle are doubled.
▷ Points earned and lost are doubled from now on.

▶ Bonus Rune Promotion
▷ You can now get 10~30% bonus Runes from purchasing Runes from 6/1 ~ 6/11 (Applies from Runes 1,000 and more)

▶ Value Packs are added in the Shop.