View Full Version : Suggestion for Stones

06-14-2017, 10:31 PM
Hello Swayteam,

First of all a big thanks for making such a good game. Its really hard to make a casual game which appeals to everyone and not being too much of a p2w style.

So my suggestion is about stones.

As most of the regular players know there is sometime a limit one can reach upto a stage in exploration. That limit is only surpassed when getting stronger in combat which do take time. For Grinding a Villian's bounty and level, we do use sweep a lot. Sweeping a certain stage yields a hefty amount of a type stones which leads to this problem.

One type of stones being too much in excess, the other 2 being very very less.

I suggest to make a small feature to exchange one stones with another. Ofcourse, make it exchangable via gold(1:1?) and gems(1:20 Stone Maybe?). This will ensure players can exchange the excess one with the one they need at a cost of certain sum of gold/gems.

For example, I have 10k Defense stones, 2k Attack Stones and 500 Support Stone.
It is clear the disparity in the amount I have and If needed I can exchange some defense stones to get support stones, no need to explore or sweep lower stages for that.