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06-19-2017, 08:51 AM
When an old villains abilities change it would be nice to have some sort of token that reduces the villain to level 1 of its original star level, strips gear bonus stats and skill points bonus and gives a different villain the removed bounty, extra *, VIP letters and skill points. Allow VIP letters to move to same star level.

The reason is a person could spend months building a villain to have it made so their team doens't work because of a rebalance. By giving the token that allows the transfer of bounty, skills and equipment the months are not fully wasted and the player can build a new villain if they didn't like the change.

This will limit rage quit and provide a feeling of fairness to the players.

06-19-2017, 12:28 PM
level up that other villain.
you need to make diferent villain growin up.
that suggestion of your is too bad. for the option of puttin VIP to any villain.
rage quit only happens when somebody uses a bug team or some sort of ventage that others doesn´t use. if you want to quit just quit the game. a lot of players come and go from games.

06-25-2017, 10:07 PM
I would support this Token idea. As sometimes we spend lots of time and effort on a user just to find out a rebalance screws them up...

Having a token for each rebalanced character to RESET a user giving them all used up resources all together might be better as then you can use that towards another user.

Although VIP is another issue, but that can be as it is....

But getting the resources, gems, and etc back would be nice to help use to rebuild a different character as necessary.