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The long turbulent road to recovery from the lead crisis of 2014 has forced residents to depend on filtered and bottled water to save themselves from the dangers of lead poisoning. That ordeal might finally be coming to an end as Mayor Keren Weaver announced that members of the Copper Development Association Inc. helped the city acquire 200 Bacary Sagna France Jersey (http://www.francesoccerauthority.com/bacary-sagna-france-jersey/) ,000 feet of copper pipes at a discount of $1 million to replace the lead-tainted pipes of about 5000 homes.

Lead poisoning has haunted Flint for far too long and news of lead replacements come as a much-needed relief for citizens who constantly live in the fear of things like premature births, learning difficulties, high blood pressure, developmental delays and joint pains. This deal is the latest to become a part of the Fast Start initiative, a program to remove lead-tainted iron service lines and LSLs Antoine Griezmann France Jersey (http://www.francesoccerauthority.com/antoine-griezmann-france-jersey/) , starting with the worst affected areas and houses that have kids and senior citizen.

The Copper Vs. Plastic Dilemma

Flint long debated the copper vs. plastic pipe dilemma after CEO Walter Wang of JM Eagle offered to provide free polyethylene pipes to replace the lead service lines of all homes and businesses in the city, but a 1 million discount seems to have swung things in copper’s favor. High density plastic pipes are still under consideration though as the city plans to replace about 20,000 service lines that connect the water mains to city homes at a cost of $106 million over the next 3 years.

It is believed that JM Eagle’s offer prompted a research on the choice of pipes which boosted copper’s bid as the lead replacement material. Longevity was one of the key considerations with copper pipes enjoying life spans of 60 – 80 years compared to the 25 – 30 years offered by PE. The analysis also gave value to copper’s salvage value and raised concerns such as the taste and smell of water and the release of volatile organic compounds.

The pipe alliance has however argued that high density plastic pipes have been used to deliver water in the western United States since 1959, even in places with droughts or high seismic activity, because of its ability to offer a strong and flexible solution that doesn’t leak.

There is also talk about a pilot experiment being conducted to use high density plasticpipes as a lead replacement for service lines in several city blocks. Local contractors are expected to be trained to install these lines using a trenchless method. “With the pipe bursting technology Anthony Martial France Jersey (http://www.francesoccerauthority.com/anthony-martial-france-jersey/) , we can be in and out of there in two weeks,” says Peter Dyke, executive director, Alliance for PE Pipe.

Winds of Change?

According to the analysis conducted by Flint, “there appears to be movement from plastics back to copper” when it comes to service lines. However Andre-Pierre Gignac France Jersey (http://www.francesoccerauthority.com/andrepierre-gignac-france-jersey/) , engineered thermoplastic pipes are also touted as instruments of change. The city of Livonia was one of the early adopters of PE pipes and those have been around for roughly 5 decades. Moreover, PVC is already used in several parts of the water distribution system and has been installed in cities such as Mount Morris and Burton.

“Michigan is using a lot of PVC pipe now and we’re very excited about the $1 trillion in infrastructure spending that may happen in the next 10 years under the federal program,” says VesoSobot, Director of Corporate Affairs for Ontario-based piping systems manufacturer Ipex Inc. Even Hamilton, Ontario Adil Rami France Jersey (http://www.francesoccerauthority.com/adil-rami-france-jersey/) , Flint’s sister city, has begun using PVC pipes for its water supply delivery mechanism.

While the city might be currently mooting copper, the key argument that seems to be keeping thermoplastic composite materials in consideration as lead replacement options for Flint is that they are far superior hydraulically and can work wonders in helping save electricity while pumping water while reducing the amount of water main breaks at the same time. The Positive Side Of Character The Positive Side Of Character June 28, 2013 | Author: Oakley Raymond | Posted in Education
The key to having moral character is to develop positive character traits. Your character is made up of many different qualities. They are called character traits. Character traits can be either positive or negative based upon your values, what you have been taught Customized France Soccer Jerseys (http://www.francesoccerauthority.com/Customized/) , your choices and your experiences. When you demonstrate these traits on a consistent basis, you will be known as a person of integrity. People who have moral character show by their actions and attitude that they care about themselves and others.

Become familiar with these words that describe moral character traits and strive to develop them within yourself.

1. Educated – Getting all the facts and making sure they are correct before making a decision.

For example, your friends offer you some glue to sniff. You had already been researching it and know how damaging that can be to your brain. You tell them “no” and warn them of the dangers as well.

2. Respectful – To value others as important as yourself and to allow that to show through your actions and attitudes.

For example, your principal directs you to go to class, even though you had a permission slip to go to the nurse’s station. You try to explain but he says France Soccer Jerseys (http://www.francesoccerauthority.com/) , “No back-talk.” You say respectfully, “Yes, sir,” and follow his directions anyway.

3. Patient – Demonstrating self-control and remaining calm through setbacks.

Being patient means not complaining, especially when you have the most to complain about. For example Zinedine Zidane France Jersey (http://www.francesoccerauthority.com/zinedine-zidane-france-jersey/) , your father promised to take you camping, but work kept interfering with the trip; you handled it without getting upset.

4. HonestTrustworthy – Being fair, sincere and straightforward.

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