View Full Version : mobile crusher realizes the recycling of construction waste

05-03-2018, 07:26 PM
The treatment of construction waste is a hot topic in the current market. This topic is based on the requirement of environmental protection, and is based on the demand of saving resources. It is a kind of mobile crusher (http://www.sbmchina.com/products/k.html) , which can be directly opened to other equipment. At the scene, the transportation cost of materials is reduced, and other advantages of the station bring greater convenience to the recycling of construction waste.

First, the necessity of building rubbish mobile crusher based on the market.
1. The mobile crusher has realized the resource, reduction and harmless of construction waste. It can not only save the cost of landfill and a large number of landfills, reduce the pollution of the environment, but also reduce the exploitation of natural sand, protect the natural resources and the human living environment, and meet the national sustainable development strategy.

2. Compared with other building garbage crusher, the new type of mobile crusher plant has multiple functions, such as crushing, screening, transporting and other multiple functions in one car. It can not only eliminate the complex site infrastructure installation operation of the divided components, reduce the consumption of material and time, but also can break the scene deeply, finish the material field crushing operation and reduce the material moving. In addition, the construction waste treated by the portable crusher machine can be well used in all fields of industry, so it is necessary to say that the station is based on the market.

Two. Classification of moving breakage stations
Because of the construction waste treatment or other ores in the production of the customer's demand is different, in this case, our factory can provide different configuration according to the user needs, generally speaking, the classification of the mobile breakage station mainly has the following two aspects:

1. According to the difference of the walking device, the portable crusher can be divided into two types: the tire type mobile crusher plant and the crawler mobile crusher.

2. According to the difference of its broken host, the movable crushing station can be divided into: portable jaw crusher plant, portable cone crusher plant, portable impact crusher plant, and sieving mobile crusher.

This article mainly introduces the recycling of building garbage in the mobile crusher, mainly analyzing the inevitability of building garbage disposal in the mobile crusher based on the market - mainly its advantages to the treatment of construction waste, and then analyses the different types of the machine, and can carry out different types according to the demand of the production.