View Full Version : difference between dry and wet method sand making plant

07-04-2018, 09:55 PM
Sand making machine (http://www.zenithcrusher.com/products/complete-crushing-plant/sand-making-plant.html) is the most important equipment in sand making plant. For the mechanism sand making plant used now, because of the different working environment needs, it has different production modes, mainly dry and wet two kinds, these two different production processes, the application range is different, the effect of production is different, these are different because of the different composition of the production process. Here is to introduce the difference between the two components.

First, the composition of the dry process mechanism sand making plant
In addition to the common feeder, crusher, hoist and sand machine, this way of production also needs to be equipped with powder separator. The use of the powder separator is to remove the mud powder inside the mechanism sand, so that the finished sand can reach the standard of building sand, and the powder separator can also control the stone powder in the artificial sand. This can effectively improve the compressive strength of concrete.

Secondly, the composition of the wet process mechanism sand making plant
For the production process in this way, its configuration is a common feeder, crusher, hoist, and sand making machine. In the production, a large amount of water is needed to clean the sand and gravel to remove the mud powder in the sand and to improve the grading of the mechanism sand. In this case, the cost of water resources will be increased, and the other is the cost of the water resources. When the sand washing line is washed by water, some fine sand grains will be taken away, resulting in the waste of resources.

From the analysis of the composition of dry and wet mechanism sand making plant mentioned above, it can be seen that the two are significantly different. When the dry process is produced, it is necessary to match the pulverized machine, while the wet process does not need, but the wet process will require a large amount of water resources, and the scope of the two application is different, and the user can be root. Choose according to your own needs.