Both American League Division Series get under way today, and all eyes are Barry Larkin Jersey on Canada. For the first time in 22 years, the Blue Jays are in the postseason, and many think they are the best bet to capture the AL pennant and the World Series.What do our experts think? Lets take a look.MLB PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS: Je se Spector| Ryan Fagan| Blue Jays-Rangers odds| Royals-Astros oddsRangers vs. Blue Jays predictions Joey Votto Cool Base Scarlet Jersey SN's Je se Spector thinks the high-octane Blue Jays offense will prove to be too much for the Rangers. "The pitching staff capable of shutting down this all-world Toronto lineup Barry Larkin Mesh Batting Practice Jersey does exist, but it does not belong to the Rangers," he writes. More here. SN's Ryan Fagan also thinks the Rangers are in trouble "if the Blue Jays continue to pound the baseball like they have all season." More here. According to The Linemakers, Vegas also sees Toronto has they heavy favorite. More details on the Ken Griffey Jr. Jersey series odds here.Astros vs. Royals predictions Spector sees a close series, with Kansas City winning. More here. Fagan predicts a similar scenario. "This promises to be an entertaining series, if nothing else," he writes. "The Astros hit lots of home runs (230 in the regular season) and strike out a lot (1,392 times). The Royals, on the Jackie Robinson Jersey other hand, rarely strike out (973 times) and play incredible defense all over the field." More here. Vegas like the Royals as well. Details here.