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Thread: Professional manufacturer of high quality cutting discs for sale?

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    Professional manufacturer of high quality cutting discs for sale?

    Henan Aurora Abrasives Manufacturers is a professional manufacturer of high quality cutting disc for sale . The main products are diamond grinding wheels, grinding blocks, grinding heads, tungsten steel turning tools; synthetic diamonds of various specifications and models; resin grinding wheels, bronze grinding wheels. , optical discs; electroplated grinding wheels, ceramic grinding wheels and diamond micro-powders, the company has advanced production facilities and technical formulas, management processes are introduced from Taiwan, and most of the production equipment is automated.
    The cutting disc products produced by the company have mass production for the domestic market machinery industry, woodworking machinery industry, shipbuilding, electrical appliances, automobile industry, hardware tools industry and other professional grinding wheels, and can undertake high-profile shaped, ultra-thick, super-fine, super Soft, imported matching out-of-print grinding wheel production, processing. The company's other types of cutting discs, using foreign superb technology, sharp and durable, exquisite workmanship, of which the thickness of green cutting sheet is the thinnest, is the precision of hardware, precision mold super Value preferred!
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