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Thread: Can't send message to friend and guildmate

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    Can't send message to friend and guildmate

    Hi, I cant seem to send my message to my friends.
    It states something about max characters 120.. but I only said "Thanks"

    Another is that, I type messages but the message don't seem to go to the letter.

    What are these issues and how can I possibly solve them?

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    Hi Sinister22

    This may be an issue with the keyboard layout as some of our other users' return keys behaved as expected within the Private Message window. For some users who want to use the Private Messaging function in-game, the return key (↵) creates a line break instead of entering the text into the message field. While we are continuously looking to improve game performance, this is something that takes some time and careful planning for the developers.

    In the meantime, please try using a different Keyboard & Input Method under "Language & input" in your mobile settings. You can also try downloading another keyboard from Google Play Store and use that as your default input while playing Tale Seeker, to be able to send Private Messages normally using your mobile device.

    Please switch you input method and try sending your message again. If your problem regarding the character limit persists, please also send us your in-game Nickname and a report to so we can assist you further.

    Thank you,
    Sway Support

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    Why you canĺt send messages did you do the any irregular thing or went to against the rules in the chat rooms. Ok then go on the room setting and click there write my essays point to the computer then you blocking messages will turn on.

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