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Thread: Perpetual fever and event dungeons

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    Perpetual fever and event dungeons

    Is anyone else stuck in a fever and the Mimic dungeon (968 days remaining)?
    Also, the Goddess of War/Great Conquerors/Cursed Soul event dungeons popped up when the event dungeon with Hymn of Resurrection was supposed to. And they are lasting for two weeks instead of one.
    I know most people wouldn't think a perpetual fever a bad thing, but then you don't get the diamonds when a fever starts. Also, I was really looking forward to the Hymn of Resurrection event to level up some skills.
    Sway, are you aware of this?

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    I have captured in the bad fever that is not making me to able to go the office from last a week and still resting at home alone. Predominant of the life is to be active and fever wills never to catch on website some medicines are ordered to take and fever will no more.

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