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Thread: The relative hope is to maddenvip

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    The relative hope is to maddenvip

    Manchester United officially announced that Moyes had left the Madden NFL 18 Coins club, and the club thanked you for your hard work and you brought us honest and upright," the club official announced that the first team coach Moyes was retiring and the club said in an official statement. Moyes coached Manchester United played 51 games, record 27 wins, 9 draws and 15 losses, winning only 52.94%. However,

    Manchester United has not announced who will succeed Moyes, according to Madden Mobile Coins many British media recently reported that Giggs may be the acting coach, and after the end of the season, the Dutch marshal Van Gaal is likely to become Manchester United new helmsman. Local time Tuesday morning at 8 am, Manchester United CEO Woodward came to Carrington base, he and Moyes had a face-to-face conversation,

    Moyes learned from Woodward, the club executives, especially the idea of ​​the Glazer family : "You have to get out of class." During this conversation, no two players were there. At the same time, Woodward has also told Moyes that the next round of Manchester United home against Norwich game, Giggs will become an agent coach. Woodward was very clear to express all the information, Moyes did not question this, he accepted the club's decision.

    Accompanied by Moyes left Manchester United and his coaching team, these people are Jimmy - Lensden, Lund, Chris - Woods, they are all Moyes coached Everton's confidant, last summer with Moyes From the Goodison Park to the old Trafford, among these coaches, the relative hope is to maddenvip stay Chris - Woods, as a goalkeeper coach of his season to help Degea made significant progress. Last summer,

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