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Thread: FIFA 18: Hansa professional at the world's best

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    FIFA 18: Hansa professional at the world's best

    FIFA 18 is the best football video game in market for its lifelike graphics authentic player stats franchised game mode and competitive Ultimate Team mode. After completing the career mode The Journey: Hunter Returns players turn to play the expansion online part of the game the FUT mode in which you can build up your squad by your favorite players no matter struggling in football career or retired.

    The Weekend League is one of the best players in the world at FIFA 18. Third division professional Julian Riedel is currently mixing up the league and FIFA scene.

    Like many professional footballers Julian Riedel likes to play a round of FIFA 18 in his free time. In the Weekend League the 26-year-old Hansa Rostock defender even secured a place in the top 100 in the world in December.

    "The incentive to play on the virtual grass is the same as on the real grass: you want to be the best in my immediate environment there is no one who beats me in FIFA 18," he told SPORT1.
    39 wins from 40 games

    In the Weekend League players compete against each other in FIFA Ultimate Team mode. Every participant can complete 40 games on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays. The more games won the better the reward for the player.

    With 39 wins from the 40 games in December Julian Riedel was one of the top 100 players in the world.

    "I played a lot during the holidays and got good results the rest of the year is always difficult with the league routine on the weekend - especially in away games - my career as a footballer is always there," he told SPORT1.
    As strong as the eSports pros

    In December "Riedelinho91" finished in 97th place with 39 wins. This score is used by professional players who train for several hours every day.

    The full-time FIFA player from VfL Wolfsburg Timo "TimoX" Siep for example wins 40 wins from 40 games.

    "Maybe I'll start streaming on Twitch or Youtube but only if it's compatible with my training and playing time at Rostock," said the center-back.

    Participation in major eSports events is out of the question for the 26-year-old unless they take place outside the seasons: "Even if I had enough points to qualify for the big tournaments it would have to be timed like in the summer break . "
    The success team

    In the 4-3-3 system Julian Riedl focuses on the following:

    Goal: David de Gea

    Defense: Roberto Carlos Rio Ferdinand Antonio Valencia and Julian Riedel. Julian does not put himself though with his normal 66er rating. With the "Professional Player Card" which selected players get from EA the center-back comes on a 99er rating.

    Midfield: Lothar Matthńus Patrick Viera Laurent Blanc

    Storm: Cristiano Ronaldo Alessandro Del Piero Gareth Bale

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