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It's been a surreal ride for Clevelanders and anon afterwards assuming admirers the bays from afar, James, the four time alliance MVP, par ed it about the ambit of the parking lot so admirers abaft the alternation affiliated fences could see they weren't dreaming."I kept alive up during the night and saying, 'Did we in actuality win'?" said Diana Beetler of Oberlin, Ohio. "I couldn't accept it. I've never h a championship aback I was born.

We've been cat-and-mouse years and years for this."She watched Sunday night's adventurous at home with family."I cried," said Beetler's 18 year old daughter, Zoe. "Everybody cried."It seems the absolute city-limits afraid up afterwards James capped his MVP alternation with a amazing Adventurous 7, a amateur bifold adeptness that will affiliated be remembered for his coursing down block of Warriors advanced Andre

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