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Thread: In some countries, again Australia for example

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    In some countries, again Australia for example

    The men in uniform are epitomes of tough strength and valour. They stand tall and proud of the military uniform and accessories that they wear , almost every day.Fashionistas and adventure sports enthusiasts, even those in the hard labour, share the same glory when they are dressed in army uniform. They romp around looking like one tough guy or gal. It is one of the fashion statements that has been running for a long time. Designers and manufacturers have also replicated the military uniform and gears to cater to those who want to be in military fashion trend. Some have a collection of every military and army camouflage berets, caps, helmets , combat trousers, army boots, rucksacks and military boots to their credit.

    Purchasing these hard wearing clothes, footwear and equipment is accessible with the plethora of on line shops specialising on army surplus, new or old , as well as branded gears such as JackPyke, Webtex and Mil-Com. The preference for army surplus gears such as combat trousers, military boots, rucksacks, army boots is based on durability , affordability and authenticity. Campers would go for army surplus camping equipment because of the same concept. All army surplus gears and equipment are sold at a fraction of the original cost. The variety of designs, sizes, colours, models speak of the same quality as the brand new ones, to fit into your choice and satisfaction.

    Quality Grading System for Army Surplus

    Army surplus shops follow a standard quality control system for surplus items they sell to the public , including informative guidelines for the surplus items they can buy from army surplus stores. Most of the army surplus items are grade 1 which are of high quality, whether old or new. However, surplus stores also use meticulous scrutiny on the items for further quality grading based on their standards. Sometimes, the items will be classified under grade2. The super grade refers to military surplus items of highest quality, both from the standard point and the quality control standards of the store. The grade is commonly used for clothing such as combat trousers , foot wear gears like army boots and military boots and camping equipment.

    Advantages of Army Surplus Items

    When buying army surplus items, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

    1. Cost - Army surplus items sold at surplus stores are far cheaper than original ones.
    2. Quality - The superb quality of army surplus items are under strict quality control as required by MOD.
    3. Authentic - Every army surplus item bears a seal of guaranteed authenticity because they have gone through the MOD standard of quality and selection.

    How To Choose Army Surplus Shop
    Choosing the right army surplus shop can be done by checking out the site. Read through the company portfolio and services, alongside the inventory army surplus items they sell. The quality control system of the shop is also another factor to consider. The brands of army equipment and gears besides the surplus is another aspect, those manufactured by world-class manufacturers which are sold by on line army surplus shop.

    Whatever your concept of buying army clothing, gears and equipment , think of a leading army surplus retailer in the UK - Army Surplus 365.

    Interpol on Wednesday approved the Palestinian Authority's membership bid, a new victory in its drive for international representation despite strong Israeli opposition.

    Israel lobbies hard against Palestinian efforts to join global organizations to advance their goal of statehood.

    It claimed victory last year when the Palestinian bid to join the global police body was suspended.

    Interpol approved the Palestinian application along with a bid by the Solomon Islands during its annual general assembly in Beijing.

    "New member countries State of Palestine and Solomon Islands bring Interpol's membership to 192," it said on its Twitter account.

    It did not detail the voting but candidacies require the approval of a two-thirds majority of countries present at the general assembly, excluding abstentions.

    The Palestine Liberation Organization's negotiations affairs department said on Twitter they had received more than 75 percent of the vote.

    "Palestine's membership is the outcome of members defending this organization's raison d'etre and advancing its core values, and a clear rejection of attempts at cynical manipulation and political bullying ," Palestinian foreign minister Riyad al-Malki said in a statement.

    Israel's foreign ministry did not -immediately comment.

    Palestine gained observer status at the United Nations in 2012 and since then has joined more than 50 international organizations and agreements, according to the Palestinian foreign ministry.

    Among them are the International Criminal Court and the United Nations heritage body UNESCO.

    Interpol, which is based in the French city of Lyon, eases the exchange of information between police forces and issues "red notices" - non-binding -notifications of arrest warrants - at the request of a member state or an international tribunal.

    Senior Palestinian official Jibril Rajoub had said on Sunday that "We're looking to be in all of the international institutions, including Interpol , as an organized state."

    "We are looking for the Palestinian state to be a positive contributor toward security and stability in the region and in the international community," he said.

    Regarding Israel's opposition, he said, "They don't want any progress toward a Palestinian state."

    "Israel does not want us to be in FIFA. How would they want us to be in Interpol?" he said.

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