Spiral chute is a new type of gravity separation, which makes great progress in dressing weakly disseminated magnetic ore. The features are: simple structure, low price, high space utilization, small occupation, no moving parts, low consumption, easy operation and maintenance, wide particle size range dealing with (0.02-0.3mm). So it is widely used in weak magnetic ore.
Pearl separator is mainly composed of density separators, feed chute, ultrafine mill, ore bucket and chute support. The specification is 120090000 and400.
Description of ultrafine mill:
ultrafine mill is the main part in separator, and the whole process of dressing ore is finished in ultrafine mill.
ultrafine mill is not an integral structure, which is connected by many screw separators with bolts. Screw separator is made of fiber reinforced plastics which have the features of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and simple forming.
Working Principle:
Erect the spiral chute and align vertical line and then fix it with brand or wood at desired location. The ore sand will be sent to the two feed ports on the top. Add an appropriate amount of water to adjust the slurry concentration. The sand pump will fall naturally in rotational flow from top to bottom. Inertial centrifugal force will be produced on the rotating slope due to velocity and then ore and sand will be separated basing on the proportion, granularity and shape difference. Concentrate will be discharged from the concentrate bucket while tailings will enter the tailings bucket and then to sand poll through pipelines and will be discharged out to finish the whole ore dressing process.
Shaking Table Separator:
Concentrating tables are designed for wet gravity-based separation of minerals and other granular materials. There are many applications where the concentrating table is of particular value and cannot be equaled for economical and efficient performance. They are effective in processing precious and base metal, rare metal and non-metallic minerals.
Rotary Separator:
Rotary separator is widely used for classification according to the particle size in the mineral processing flow, and is also applicable for disliking and dehydrating in the mineral washing work. Generally, rotary separator forms a closed process flow with ball mill. It has the advantages of simple structure, reliable working, and convenient operation, etc.