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Thread: drawing and art

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    drawing and art


    I have moved the topic here - I want to thank you for your kind offering to teach me!! What a wonderful gift!!! I cannot go out to classes or anything like that now - although i did once time a few years ago - but too much fatigue for that now so your offer to teach me - I cannot tell you what that means to me!!! How very kind of you!! I hope I will be a good pupil! :P
    I'd love to try to graphic pencils water wash...I do have brushes I think (will have to dig them out from under the bed - along with all my art stuff)....I traditionally have done better with straight line type drawings like buildings and such although I am not very good at perspective but manage...I usually draw from a picture and haven't ever had to much luck drawing from visions in my head - but who knows what pathways may open up now! :P
    What types of subjects did you draw with the graphite?
    I really cannot thank you enough for your kind offer...I am really excited about this!!
    Maybe I can learn how to upload pictures so you can examine them too

    Any help will be apprecited.

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    Thank you.

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