Spring is here, a scene of vitality. The green leaves couldn't wait to get out of the green scorpion, and the flowers vie for it. The very cute little swallows flew back from the far north and danced happily in the air. The bright sun shines ay, the sun is shining, the sky is like a blue satin, big, blue and faint, it is a good day to go out and play. Liu Xiaogang happily took the new football he bought two days ago, and several friends jumped on the green lawn Marlboro Red, and suddenly kicked up in the heat, football was in the east for a while, and in the west for a while, just fell to the ground and vacated. Suddenly, Liu Xiaogang kicked a "100,000 miles" flying ball. The partners looked around for the ball and eventually found the naughty ball jumping into the deep hole. The partners looked around at the hole and looked at the poor ball. It was really readable but not confusing. Xiao Tao looked around the deep hole carefully. When the sun shines into the hole, Xiao Tao suddenly finds something sparkling in the hole. Look carefully at the hole and have some clear water. The ball floats on the water, but Liu Xiaogang can't get it by hand, but he can't get it. What should I do? The little friends talked a lot Newport Cigarettes Coupons, one out of this idea, one thought of that way, but his time, Xiao Tao carefully thought through and carefully examined the hole. He thought hard. After a while, he finally came up with a clever way. Xiaotao suggested to his partner: "We can make a difference based on the "crow drinking water" approach. "Everybody!" Everyone shook his head and said: "With water, no, no, because the soil will suck a lot of water." "Yeah, how do you stay here today, you can always pretend to be a stone!" Xiaogang said with confidence Marlboro Menthol 100S. So, everyone worked together to get the hole from some stones nearby Marlboro Lights, throwing them one by one into the water. I saw the ball rising rapidly. It didn't take long for catching the ball Marlboro Red 100S, in order to stop the ball from falling into the water, the smart partners set up a wooden sign next to the hole. It was a warning sign ong as everyone works together and carefully moves their brains, they will solve various problems.