deal is the beacon of life navigation. Everyone should have their own ideals. Some people have the ambition to become scientists or astronomers. Some people just want to be an ordinary worker and a people's teacher. My dream is to be a journalist. Whenever I see the real scene of the war on the TV and the rain of bullets, I naturally think of the merits of the war correspondents Newport 100S. They used their lives to make a bet Marlboro Gold Pack, and they were unarmed on the battlefield, only to win people's feelings for peace. On TV, sports events are in full swing Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Who has the same hardship besides athletes? It is a reporter Carton Of Cigarettes. On the three days, they were busy with the camera. People shouted "exciting" while only seeing the glory of the athletes and forgetting the sweat of the reporters. They are also tired. In fact, most of the time, people did not forget the reporters, but the reporters firmly "hidden" themselves. I admire the silence and selflessness of the reporter. At the same time, an ideal seed sprouts in my heart. I think: Reporter is a glorious career. From small to large, my ideals have been changing: scientists, police, drivers... but it has only been fixed for several years on the word "journalist". If I become a journalist How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, I will do my best to report the latest news to the audience. Maybe I can't be a famous journalist, but I will still work hard in my only position. Wherever there is news, I will go there and strive to give the audience a wonderful show for the first time. I want to let the only lens settle in the north and south. If there are conditions, I will have an autobiography to let everyone know that it is not easy to be a journalist. Without a reporter, people will not be able to understand major events at home and abroad as soon as possible, and there will be no talks after dinner. How can such a life be uninteresting! My parents told me that the reporter is eating youthful rice, and when he is old, he has nothing to do. And, I also know that being a journalist will be rejected by many people and I am puzzled. But no matter what, I love the media business. In order to achieve my ideals, I should study hard from childhood and strive to be closer to my goal!