To get a better development, ultrafine mill must be innovative. Otherwise, willing to be mediocre, it will face a situation of elimination. Here we are to analyze the significance of innovation for the aircraft.

In the development of ultrafine mill, innovation is very important. If we do not carry out innovation and cannot meet the ever-changing market demands, we cannot meet the requirements of customers. This is a great disadvantage to the development of the aircraft. The extension of the situation is very likely to face the situation of being eliminated, so innovation is very important.

In general, the mill's market demand for ultrafine mill is high production, energy saving, environmental protection, etc., and many manufacturers of equipment can meet this demand, but also that the mill on the market in the functional situation is similar However, if there is no bright spot at this time, it will be difficult to attract the attention of customers. It will be difficult to occupy a large market share and it will easily be compared with the equipment produced by other manufacturers. Therefore, innovation is essential.