A major part of manufacturing costs are overhead costs. Broadly defined Tyler Pitlick Womens Jersey , overhead costs are costs related to manufacturing which do not add intrinsic value to the product. Some processes are value added and some are not. Some examples using production of balls are used as follows;

Taking raw rubber and manufacturing a ball is value added. Adding a team logo to the ball is value added. Packing the ball in an attractive display box is value added. Packing a dozen balls in a shipping crate is not value added. Inspecting the balls for flaws does not add value. Counting production at the end of a shift does not add value and adds overhead. In the office, printing, signing Devin Shore Womens Jersey , and faxing a purchase order is non value added. Holding a meeting to figure out a production schedule is non value added. Anything that does not contribute to the manufacture of a product from one material state to another (Raw to WIP or WIP to Finished Goods) is non value added. Rework, while it may save costs of making the item again from scratch is non value added. Excess inventory, while not normally considered overhead may incur carrying costs Mattias Janmark Womens Jersey , which are non value added and therefore overhead. (The accountants my take issue on this one)

Now that we are through that long winded explanation, how can ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software reduce or eliminate overhead? The answer should be obvious; by eliminating or reducing the small mundane and expensive tasks that do not add value.

ERP software can be added directly to a process; Using ERP software combined with a bar code scanner, manual inventory counts can be eliminated. Parts are scanned and counted as they are produced. There is also a reduced chance for a counting error as well.

The bread and butter of an ERP system are the ability to not only plan a given part Radek Faksa Womens Jersey , but to fit it into a schedule is another way to eliminate overhead waste. With ERP, scheduling and planning meetings are reduced to confirming schedules produced by the ERP system.

In the front office, printing and faxing confirming purchase orders becomes a thing of the past. Purchase orders are confirmed with a few mouse clicks and some light data entry. The overhead costs also become a thing of the past.

On the accounts receivable side John Klingberg Womens Jersey , ERP software can reduce overhead costs of billing. Instead of the accounting department entering data from bills of lading, materials can be scanned as they are packed and shipped. Invoices then can be generated based on the agreed terms and sent with minimal overhead labor.

While not a direct part of manufacturing, overhead costs never the less need to be controlled as closely as production costs. It does little good to make a product efficiently on the production line and then spend all of the profits administering to the packaging and distribution of the product.

ERP software manages overhead costs just as efficiently as it does direct production costs. The name its self states this; Enterprise Resource Planning. Are you ready to get on board?
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Real estate investment comprises any deals, like sales, purchase Authentic Jason Spezza Jersey , and improvement done on the existing property. The most crucial factor to be considered is the property valuation in which the money has been invested.

The investors in the property are it land, commercial or residential property should draw accurate results of the property value. Worth of property may be not well determined which leads to loss deals to the investors.

The property valuer needs to be an astute in determining the true worth of the real estate property. In case a investor has invested in a land property and later has undergone a construction of the house or a commercial plot, then definitely one should prudently the cost of total expenses and other expenditure done on the property in case the investor wants to further sale the property.

The maintenance of the property also can be ignored. The property valuation highly depends on the maintenance of the property done. Usually the property can be measured through methods adopted. Discounting future net operating income and discounted cash flow.\ the net operating income

The net operating income incorporates the income the property will generate Authentic Alexander Radulov Jersey , but only after factoring the operating cost and removing the taxes and interests payments. The operating expense involves the management fees, maintenance fees, property insurance and many other expenses as such.

The property valuer should bring in the total amount gained from investment. The market research is indispensible in this domain. the investor can crucially carry out in-depth research of similar property in nearby areas to draw a clear picture of how much rent can be fetched from the property. Also the property valuation is sans of depreciation. The property valuation should have the interest rate Authentic Ben Bishop Jersey , add on the liquidity premium to it, recapture and risk premium.

The land valuation has to done carefully. Mostly the valuers are lacking the knowledge of the landĺs worth which can be well extracted from experts. The other method which can be adopted is the gross income multiplier, which is a relative valuation based on the principle that the properties in particular area will be valued proportionally to the gross income which they produce. The gross income is the total income less of other operating expenses borne. Also the vacancy rates must be forecasted to determine the accurate gross income estimates.